Future Sister Cities

If you have a recommendation for a future Sister City, please see selection criteria below and email Cynthia Morris at


Sister Cities Selection Committee Criteria

The proposed criteria are listed below with some explanations in each case:

1. Substantial Ethnic Presence in the County – A partner needs to have a strong presence in the county. The committee does not intend to count heads but a strong presence must exist.

2. Mutual Interest In A Long Term Relationship – Our organization and a partner should only enter an agreement if we see it is substantive and intended to last for many years.

3. Appropriate Government Approvals Are Obtained in Partner Country – Our organization needs to know that the sister city partnership is sanctioned by any government level necessary in the country of our partner.

4. Identifiable Benefits to the County and the Community with which Sister Cities Montgomery County is Partnering – Our organization by-laws and incorporation documents set forth missions with statements of benefits including cultural, educational, economic and humanitarian.

5. Capacity and Accountability for Both Partners – Our organization and its partners need to know that both entities can carry out what they agree to do. Further, both financial and on site monitoring are very important for any project agreed upon.

6. Geographic Diversity Around the World – Our organization needs to make sure it partners with communities in various continents in the world.